Exhibits and Scholarly Work.


University of Michigan Taubman School of Architecture, Ann Arbor, MI.  January 15-February 21, 2016.  'Epigenesis: Plastic Assemblages'.   Lecture and Exhibit.  


SOMA ARTS CENTER,  San Francisco, CA.  July, 2015.  'Making a Scene' Exhibit. 

Acadia Design Agency 2014, USC Los Angelos, CA 2014 Research Project Exhibit: “Growing Extreme Assemblages”
Acadia 2014 Publication. p.35-38

Cranbrook Academy of Art, Cranbrook, Bloomfield Hills, MI 2014 Workshop+Lecture+Exhibit

180 Magazine. Issue No.7.
“Growing to Extremes”. pp.94-109 2014 Collaborative Interdisciplinary Project with AAU Fashion School

San Francisco Design Week. Form Factors. 2014 Installation at Digital Fix. Growing Extreme Assemblages.

Art Complex. 2014 Installation. “Growing to Extreme” Prosthetics.

San Francisco Design Week. Form Factors. 2013 Collaborative Installation at Rand and Statler with AAU Fashion School. Prosthetics.

“Modifiers & Amplifiers:Growing Extreme” 2013 Multiple Collaborative Exhibits between AAU Architecture + Fashion departments
installed at Atelier + Cannery Galleries, San Francisco, CA

Collaborative writing project for a book with Monica Tiulescu on architecture forthcoming as evolving and responsive species Aggregation Systems of Design Techniques.

Workshops. Developing series of advanced workshops based on advanced tectonic systems
of aggregation. forthcoming

other Exhibits and Scholarly Work.

helped organize, install + made drawings for
work of Jason Young and Neal Robinson traveling exhibit
“Chicken and Fish” installed in
Pittsburg Edge Gallery, UofM Taubman Architecture Gallery 2005

UofM Masters Thesis “Mapping Heterotopia: Accelerating Capitalist Space,” 2005 Thesis Exhibit, Taubman Architecture Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI

“Mapping Heterotopia: Accelerating Capitalist Space,” 2005 Masters Thesis in Dimensions, Volume 19, (Ann Arbor: Taubman College, 2005),
pages 56-63.